Monday, May 15, 2006

I make no apologies

Just what i said: Yes, I like country music. I take math classes in the summer for recreation. I worship Michael Medved. I don't like Star Wars. I don't like ice cream. And I don't like apologizing for it.
I do not have to like the things you like. I do not have to think the things you think. Do not tell me I have no taste. Don't imply it. Don't even think it. Is it any wonder ppl can't think for themselves? When they try, you ridicule them. What, thinking for yourself is only ok if you come up with the same conclusions as everyone else? I'm not into it.
I am who I am and I do not have to defend myself. I will not apologize.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Judging the Distance

One of the things we talk about in my karate class is judging the distance between yourself and your opponent. You have to adjust your technique and execution depending on how far away from or close to your opponent you are. Sometimes, you are too close to your opponent, so you don't have space to make a move. In that case you need to create some distance by stepping back or to the side or something.
Being that I am still only a white belt, I find all of this very difficult. which isn't so bad. I'm learning and growing. But I seem to have a similiar problem in the real world of my life. Judging the distance: How close am I really to my Mom, my crazy big sister, my out of town buddies, my next door neighbor? How close do I want to be? If I push ppl out of my personal space, am I pushing them too far away? If I act with respect and maybe affection, am i letting ppl get too close? If I give a little, will they expect more next time?
sometimes I know. But sometimes I get confused. How do you know where you stand in all the different relationships with all the differnt ppl in your life?

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why do ppl have to get married?

An old classmate of mine called me a coupla days ago. She's getting married soon, she's making a list to send out invitations so she needs my address. So there's this whole forced conversation going on: how are things? does she have a gown? does she have an apartment? where are they living? is she excited? etc. etc. etc. then the talk turns to me. how am i doing? what am i doing etc. you know the drill.
except nobody cares. i haven't spoken to these ppl since high school. Heck, I barely even talked to them in high school. It was really very nice all this time that i could put these ppl out of my mind, and forget they existed. All of a sudden they decide to get married and they just pop up in my life out of nowhere. (I know it was probably just as akward for her as it was for me, but so then hey, why do it? )
I bet you, if ppl never got married, you'd never hear from them again.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to my random stuff

Sometimes you just need to say random stuff. Even if they make no sense. Even if noone is listening. Even if it's so all about you that the people who want to listen can't take it anymore. The words just have to be said. Or written. Just put out There, somewhere that's not inside your own head, where it runs around and around until you aren't sure whether or not you're sane. So this blog is being created for the sake of putting my stuff out There. You can listen if you want. Or not. I'm warning you now, it might be a train wreck half the time. It might get inappropriate some of the time. It'll probably be really fun other times. So, here we go. Welcome to my Random Stuff.